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Spiral Series 5- Mountain of Oath

Updated: Jan 17

Spiral Series 5- Mountain of Oath

Into the mountain of Oath; you will be led to the entrance of the Mountain to be part of a ceremony of oath to your life path. Making promise to yourself, to what is important to your life, and life's work. Grounded and held by the truth in the old powers of the mountain. Receive wisdom, healing and insight from these ancient earth keepers. Learn how to hold your medicine sacred and secret.

For this coming Thursday at Five Thirty ( pacific time) we will hold the next Spiral live online. That will allow for the community to come together and bring their own blessings and strengths to the circle. Please sign up here to have the zoom link and reminder. The offering is a gift of no cost, please come and make it your own, enjoy the community and create some space for you.

With warmth join us for the eve of the Winter Solstice,


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