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Stars to Sea was created as a place where you can reach any of the tools you are seeking to restore yourself, your home, community, or loved ones. My intention is that you find what you need for your highest good. Let us work together and heal together. 
My sincerest best,

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elaine hyde

Elaine Hyde grew up in many rural areas of Manitoba, from towns to mining communities to farms. She lived close to nature always, learning to communicate and discover her natural gifts. Elaine now lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia creating her art line, investing her time in the community, learning plant medicine, and spending time with horses and her own animals. She spends part of the year traveling to share her teachings and connect with people across Canada and internationally. Elaine continues her studies, “ the learning never stops, the more we uncover, the more treasure we find, the more we want to explore.” studying Advanced Shamanism in the Medicine Circle, supported by her teachers Helene Frank and Dancing Bear Daniel Leonard, who studied under Sandra Ingerman, a student Michale Harner. When she isn’t practicing and developing her gifts Elaine finds peace and healing on Salt Spring Island, supported by the land and community. Continuing to grow her relationship with the elementals, nature spirits, and power animals. She reconnects highly sensitives with their guides and helps them feel safe and strong enough to practice their natural gifts.


Your unique gifts may not seem like gifts because they come easily to you, are known instinct, and are natural to you. What if you have forgotten what is natural to you? What if you aren’t sure that there was anything to forget? What if I told you that there is a way to remember who we are, to come back home to ourselves, to choose a life full of self-purpose and self-acceptance. For Elaine too like so many of you who are reading this came into this world highly sensitive. Feeling your feelings and the feelings of others, your family, friends, your family pet, the flowers in the garden, the trees in the yard. When our sensing gifts weren’t supported, not allowed, or not safe enough we sometimes store them in a safe place. It has been a great journey for Elaine to come back herself to find her way again and she has the courage and compassion to help guide you home too. 


Her passion is to help you find your powers, use them, and not lose them. 


To return to the natural rhythms of the earth and deeply understand the cycles of nature.


Through teaching and ceremony, Elaine approaches her work from her heart and it is as great an honour for her to meet you and witness you in your power as it is for her to be in her own.

“Connecting sea and sky, a reminder that we are one. Reflections of one another, just as the stars reflect in the seas. Bright white light dancing on the water, our body of consciousness. Everything between is you and me, let us learn to dance in the sea.” -Elaine Stars to Sea

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