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Stars to Sea Spiritual Society

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Our Journey

Welcome to Stars to Sea! Whether you're a seasoned shamanic practitioner or just starting your spiritual journey, this is the perfect place for you. Our website offers a wide range of resources to help you deepen your practice. From our enlightening podcast and insightful blog to our transformative classes, workshops, and rituals, we have everything you need to explore the mystical world of shamanism. We believe in the power of community, so we invite you to sign up for classes and gatherings where you can connect with like-minded individuals. Don't forget to check out our Spiral Series, a collection of journey practices that will take you to a deeper place in your practice. Holding a Spiral Gathering every Wednesday, a blog, and a podcast to follow and deepen. Get ready to embark on a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth with Stars to Sea.

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In our blog, we share the journeying experiences and offer teachings on shamanism, healing, and creation. Join us every Monday for a new post and dive into the world of trance and spiritual exploration.

Access Writings and Rituals Below


Welcome to Stars to Sea {Podcast}

Discover the depths of shamanic traditions in this transformative podcast. Dive into the world of shamanism, healing, and creation. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Explore the magic for yourself and see what other practitioners are unearthing and bringing into the world. 

Continued Trainings

 Stars to Sea trainings are designed to take you on a journey through the other world, helping you to connect with your spiritual self and finding balance in your life. Our experienced teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and guiding you on this transformative journey.

At Stars to Sea, we offer a variety of both online and in-person classes to help you navigate your spiritual journey. We specialize in shamanic divination and provide the tools you need to stay balanced between worlds.

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