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Spiral Series 7 - The Truth that was sent to the Under-World

Updated: Jan 17

There will always be parts of us that will have been deemed as unwanted, too much, unruly, not safe.

What do we do when we have put a part of ourselves that is essential to following our heart in the end of world?

What happens when that part of us holds the truth. When society can't hold the truth, doesn't want to look at it when it causes upset to the point that it is banished.

When we are buried and forced to go underground. We may do okay for a while, we may fit in the mold I bet better, the relationship may be a bit smoother for a while, teachers and leaders calmed, you mind may be quiet.

All is sedated, quietened, at ease.

Then comes a time in your life when you are told to move with the seasons, start a new year, find what it is you really want.

Your heart stirs at the possibility and then you feel the fear of it could not be so.

For the part of you that wants to be let go of, banished, shed, the trouble maker cannot be let go of because they are already gone. Only a shadow follows you now reminding you to not make the mistake to show more of yourself in the case it too many be banished.

That shadow will not calm until we go into the underworld to find the part of you that was sent away. To realise it is in that part of you that lies the truth. The truth of what all have feared, didn't want to look at or disgusted those who could not stomach the truth.

This is the Spiral of the Calling the Truth Home From the Underworld.


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