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Spiral Series 3- Visiting your Ancestors

Updated: Jan 17

I am sitting here still on the cushion on the ground. The candles burning down. I hear the hoot of an owl outside while staring at the fire that is nearly out.

I feel tender in my heart after today's call so glad to have the circle members join for the spiral series 3. I thought to myself when they read it's going to be about removing ancestral patterns that they may not come. It seems to be a touchy subject from those I hear from and difficult within my own journey to face the family patterns. Difficult to witness within myself and to to understand the suffering of those who have come before me.

Today in the call we spoke about the different ways to work with the ancestors. How to connect with them had to be closer to them.

The truth is the ancestors are always with us and to know that they are there for us when we are in need. That we can both honor them ask for their help. Ask for their guidance and be humble enough to follow in their footsteps into the future where we are all going. To understand and study each footstep, misstep and slip in the path. Learning from our ancestors, listening, and paying attention. Pausing on the road and looking to the ground beneath us now.

We spoke of the ancestors and where they reside; the lower world, the upper world, and in the middle world (in the land of the dead, the heavenly realms, within us).

It is true you could find the ancestors in all of these places in the journey.

It is best to meet and learn from your ancestors starting in the lower world as always.

Journey Description; the intention- to journey with your animal Guardian to the lower world to meet with an ancestor. This ancestor will share with you a family pattern and give you a healing around it. Giving gratitude to your guide and return home.

Journey Description 2; the intention- journey for a member into the circle call to ask what would bring them closer to their ancestors. If you are doing this journey on your own, visit your ancestors, and ask what would bring you closer to them.


Pay close attention to your body after these journeys. Aware that the healing occurs through the bloodline, born and flesh, that old energies can move out. Notice how you feel after your journeys in your body. Make note so if there is any release you can make it connection.

Also, take note if this ancestral healing affects your family for it has an effect through the family line forwards and backwards past and future.

If you received a message from your ancestors to any living members or have connections to living members, please be sensitive with the nature of the message you have received knowing we do not want to hurt the living and bring up painful memories. So please you compassionate and consider it if sharing these journeys with your living family.

Still so tender from going back back to the old ones to the clan to the tribe and receiving so much care and attention for myself. I know this work will unfold and the coming winter in the dark times the resting times.

If you would like the drum track to journey, please visit the resource page under teachings and find the podcast link. There you will find a track to follow.

This Week's Spiral

This week's spiral gathering will be cancelled in person. I have made a podcast recording for you to listen and journey to. The link will be below and also can be found in the podcast link on the Resources Page on the Website.

The Following Wednesday Online Call we will spend a few minutes connecting before advancing into the 5th Spiral.

With Warmth,



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