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Spiral Series 1- Shapeshifting & Getting to Know your Power Animals

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Hello everybody. I hope you are enjoying this Full Moon time and having clarity into your communications and how your bring forth your truth.

It was such a joy to hold the first spiral series and the Online Den last week. I have journeyed to the spirits to ask what comes next in the teachings. You do not have to attend every series to be part of these journeys. You may also do them on your own time.

Please enjoy reading about what is to come and if you miss the first to read about last week's spiral.

Here we are looking into The Spiral Series # 2.

Where we are Going - the spiral takes us to the hearth. the hearth where we are all called in the time of dark. Where our winter goddess calls us to take heart.

Who are we meeting- the Winter Goddess of your Culture- (Morrigan Celtic Goddess)

What are we learning- To leave the mind of the year before. To go deep into the hearth and heart and feel what is there. To make sense is to know. When we know the heart all words and actions follow.

Offerings- Needle Tree Branches, Red Berries. Warmed waters, or Mulled Wines/ ciders.

Link to the Call

Wednesday Night 7:30-9:30 Pacific Time.

The Next Spiral Series is a gift, does not require a payment. If you would like to give a gift back you may but not expected. Bring your heart and an open mind.

Elaine Hyde is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Spiral Series

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 1701 8907

Passcode: 3333


Last Week's Spiral Series #1- Shapeshifting & Getting to Know your Power Animals

Notes from grandmother teacher on Shapeshifting,

Begin ceremony by opening a circle or spiral

Once ceremony is open, allowed for the eyes and ears to open. Allow for the spirits to come and guide. Allow yourself to drop into your heart space. Drop into your heart

Why we do these ceremonies is to become closer to our true nature become closer to the world around us, which we inhabit.

Learn to be one with nature

Today we will be learning about safety and moving between the worlds

How to move between the worlds in a safe way

What does it mean to cloak?

What does it mean to merge?

What does it mean to shape shift?

Relationships to all the other beings around us understanding compassion

To become one

One must not take folly in these teachings

One must not use these teachings to deceive or  to harm

When doing these practices we are grabbing hold of that animal's skills, abilities and way of being in the world.

It deeply teaches us about ourselves and how to be in good relation.

Used for tracking and traversing the other worlds in our middle realm 

Used to acquire skills.

To distinct between edible foods, healing foods and how to traverse through new lands 

To grow in relationship to our animal siblings

Journey One-

Find your trail to the lower world to meet your power animal.

Ask your animal your prayer. 

Journey Two-

Find your trail to the lower world to meet your power animal.

Ask your power animal to take you to your shape shifting guide. Once you have found your shape-shifting guide, ask them for a teaching about protection.


Drum Track

(No recording from this Week, due to not pausing on the groups Journey Shares)

Drum track available on Resources page-podcasts if you need.

With warmth,



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