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Welcome to
Stars to Sea
Spiritual Society

Dear Seeker

The Stars to Sea community welcomes you.  May it be that you have heard the wild callings of your heart and are on a journey to return to your natural self. 

Whether you are looking for some guidance, peace, healing, balance, community, ceremony, training, or a gut feeling you can't name.

That which you seek in your heart, calling you from the wild part of yourself.  Let it find you and carry you to a place where you can find truth, joy, grace, and remember your natural gifts.

Warm welcome to your path home.

-Elaine, Director of Stars to Sea

-Explore Offerings-

Image by Federico Di Dio photography

1:1 Sessions

 & Ceremonies

Discover the beautiful ceremonies 

offered here. There are never two ceremonies the same, all as unique as each person, leaf, and snowflake. Go ahead and see which one calls you, enjoy and reach out.

Work Shops & Group Ceremonies

Learning and healing in ceremony with others is powerful. Witness the power built in circle and community. Workshops to marry the seasons and times we are in. Introduction and Advanced.

Shamanic Training Programs

One Year Training Programs for those who feel the call to walk with the spirits. Have been connected to the other world and looking for support and training to deepen their connections.

Dark Rocks

- Upcoming Trainings -



Your unique gifts may not seem like gifts because they come easily to you

are known instinct

 natural to you

What if you have forgotten what is natural to you?

What if you aren’t sure that there was anything to forget?

There are ways to remember

who we are

to come back home to ourselves

to choose a life full of purpose and connection

Image by Deric

1 Space

We Still have One Spot Available in the One- Year Intensive, Shamanic Training Mountain Lion Circle, Okanangan, BC, Canada

American Black bear face up close in the

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Alan Watts


Discover the Magic

We are a community dedicated to providing resources for practitioners, learning students, and those seeking ceremony, circle, and a place to immerse into the magic and medicine of Celtic Shamanism. Our mission is to create a space where individuals can explore and deepen their connection with the ancient wisdom of the Celtic traditions. With a selection of free resources, we aim to support and empower individuals on their journey. Join us and discover the transformative power of Celtic Shamanism.

Two wolves standing in the forest.jpg

we are passionate in supporting, giving a money gift to the hard work done to protect our animal kin. Every Workshop we give a gift back.

“Because once you go through those doors—whatever those doors are—the spirits will teach you according to your preparation, and your life will change. Even one journey may start changing your life.”
-Michael Harner

Small oak plant in the garden. Tree oak
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