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Wild Scenery

To The Depths

A series designed to hold advanced healing and teachings for those seeking to move past the blocks and misguidings of the man-made world. This is about reclaiming the wisdom in the deepest caves of the earth. With the help of the old spirits, the grandmothers, the ancient healing ancestors, the well woman, and the animal mothers of owl, spider, wolf, and cat. We are unearthing these old ways of moving our magic and medicine into the world and unlocking our truth, voice, physical bodies, and dream time. No longer fearing the unknown but learning to navigate the darkest parts to reveal sacred truths that must come back into balance with the world. The whisperings are heard, become loud and clear, and are answered. Then the truth is held with care, and protected, and our sacred agreements to the earth, to ourselves, and this life are made unshakable.


  If you are an energy practitioner, artist, therapist, mother, medicine maker, or an intuitive. If you have felt the power, force, and rage of your feminine and yet had fear about letting it be expressed. This may be the time to let the dark mother come through. This course has been designed for those who have ceremonial experience and or accessing the otherworlds conciously.


Wolf Den Studio is located in Langford, Vancouver Island. Exact Location and larking instructions are given in the welcome package when booked.


The Animal World has called you. The great mother has called you. The ancestors are reaching out. The dreams have grown vivid, even frightening at times, trying to wake you up. If you have been to the underworld, being in the darkest night, reached the wells, and  tranced by the full moon


This Series is for you to consciously answer to those who are calling you. In the safety of the protected den you can walk through the door opened to the otherworld. To bring home the line that is ready to come back. To bring to the light what has been long buried. To be the one to learn to hold these mysteries and powers once again.


This is a four-part series, with sacred eight places in the circle. Each workshop has been carefully designed to lead you to teachings, wisdom, and gifts returning from the otherworld. Each course was constructed to follow one after another. You may attend one workshop if you wish but it is encouraged to sign up to all for the structure is built in sequence to one another.


January 28th, Sunday, 2024

   10:00 am- 5:00 pm

Feb 24th, Saturday, 2024

   10:00 am- 5:00 pm

March 9th, Saturday, 2024

   10:00 am- 5:00 pm

April 6th, Saturday, 2024

    10:00 am- 5:00 pm

must know

 The Wild Calling facilitators hold a safe space for you and it is your responsibility as well to hold that space for yourself. Make room and hold the information that may surface with maturity and self-compassion. These moments may be difficult and we will be compassionate in helping hold your process. Doing womb work can trigger some who have had sexual abuse or ancestral injury passed down. Please have an aftercare routine and support in place.

Meet Your Workshop Hosts

Both Heidi and Elaine have spent the last few months carefully preparing, building, and strengthening the Connections to the guides and natural forces that will be guiding us and holding us in this Four month long Journey. Please if you have any questions listen to our recorded Q& A Recording to learn more. Looking forward to seeing you in circle.

What Our Workshop Members Say

Image by Eastman Childs
Image by Paul Bill
"The Shamanic Journey workshop led by Heidi was phenomenal. She is a powerful leader and guide in all things shamanism and so clearly deeply embodies the wisdom she teaches. She makes learning her content so intriguing and engaging and the way she guided us into the different worlds left me feeling totally connected and inspired!"


  • Dark Feminine Membership Payment Plan

    Every month
    Whole Series Package
    Valid for 4 months
    • The Four Dark Feminine Workshops
    • Total Savings 160
    • Complete Initiatory and Reintegration Showing you the Way
    • Sign up once and Receive the Welcome Package
    • Four Monthly Payments of 80

Single WorkShop

Six Immersive hours 

Discover Powerful Relationships with Ancient Land Keepers

Experience Deep Healing & Revelation During an Elemental Ceremony,
3 Group Journeys

 1 Group Healing 


Book the Entire Series 
four payments of 80- (saving 160)

Intensive 4-Month Initiative Journey

4 Elemental Ceremonies
12 Group Journeys
8 Teachings in Deepening gifts and abilities
Community Support
Materials Provided for Ceremonies (offerings and talismans

  • Four In-depth Workshops Held over Four Months

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    320 Canadian dollars
  • Meeting the Grandmothers and Entering the Night

    Loading days...

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Wolf Skin & Initiation of the Cauldron

    Loading days...

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Welcome Back to the Web of Life

    Loading days...

    120 Canadian dollars
  • The Vessel that Holds

    Loading days...

    120 Canadian dollars
Image by Molly Blackbird

You want to embody that dark mysterious feminine the one that has been exiled from this world. 

The part of you that is needed to be the artist, healer, mother, medicine maker, and creator that you are.

This is the connection to the parts that have been buried, hidden, and rejected that are vital to our wholeness.

The other half of the spiritual path and if continues to be hidden we will never reach the depth of our work, our gifts, and our path without it.

Strengthen your abilities, intuition, protection, and strength

Be able to enter into these worlds and depths for your community, clients, and loved ones.

With this work we cannot turn back to the world we have been living in, when we tap into these roots, we become the carriers and protectors of such medicine. Take heart and have the courage to answer the call.

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