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Golden Heart Guidance

Chris Isa Muscat is a poet, a reverential ecologist, and a wild forager. Walking a path with the heart for the last few decades, being involved in traditional ceremonies and deep circles, Chris is willing to hold space, listen attentively, and coerce out the hidden within with inquiry and spirit guidance.


As I have witnessed the plight of our cultural and spiritual poverty, I have come to the metaphorical understanding that we all carry a broken vessel to some extent or another. Depending on what we most feel, a lack corresponds with the fracture in our container for holding adequate space for our emotions, mental state, and heart.

I am offering an opportunity for a certain state of guidance through deep conversation and listening to your story.
As we traverse the emotional terrain together I will gently offer suggestions or point out some of the hidden components of your spiritual path that may not be so obvious to you.
We will acknowledge grief and praise as constant companions along the journey of how to work with and acknowledge the heart.

Using poetry and prayer as a way of unearthing a light of clarity, we may spiral around to the mending of the vessel that holds all of us.

  • 40 min

    By Donation
Image by Peter Aschoff


Please reach out by email if you have any questions about Golden Heart Offerings. Thank you.

 Continue with your healing doctors, therapists, counselors, supportive family, and friends. I cannot speak or advise medically. I do not have a Doctrine in medicine or psychology and will not advise you to start or stop any medical treatment.

Above under each service I have listed a price, I choose to have my work honoured in the form of currency. However, if you feel in your heart to honour the work in another way or want to do a sliding scale please just inquire.

If you are First Nations to the land I am working on please give for these ceremonies in an offering that is traditional to you if you wish.

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