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Penticton,British Columbia,Canada 2024-2025

Join us for 3 Shamanic Retreats 

 Partake in healing ceremonies

 Learn the tools to hold your own ceremonies & shamanic rituals

 Grow your relationships with your own guides


Remember your own unique natural gifts, and talents


Become initiated into the Shamanic worlds


Learn to navigate the other worlds

Bring healing & teachings to yourself, your family, & community.

Image by Kelen Loewen

One Year Shamanic Training- Mountain Lion Circle
3 Shamanic Retreats


 First Retreat Date

May 23-26th

Location Skaha Lake, Penticton, BC, Canada

Welcome to the Outline

The same group of participants will work together for one year. You will develop a general knowledge of a variety of modern shamanic healing techniques, skills and an in-depth knowledge of the shamanic journeying techniques. After the training, you will have the skills to offer healing sessions to others if you wish. 

Discover and learn how to work with your guardian animals, ancestors & spirit helpers to help you in your daily life, with creative projects, your career, and to do healing work with others. 

You will be supported in discovering your natural gifts, and medicines and practice applying them to help others and yourself.  

Deepen your connection with life and experience healing that brings fundamental shifts and alignments to your higher purpose.

This course is designed for personal exploration and self-healing. 

After completing the training, you will receive a certificate in shamanic healing from Stars to Sea. This training in shamanic healing is a total of 15

 days and approximately 100 hours.

Training under a teaching Lineage from Michael Harner- Sandra Ingerman- Daniel Leonard & Helena Frank- Elaine Hyde

-First Retreat–

May 23-26th

Location Skaha Lake, Penticton, BC

Shamanic Journeying

Meeting Your Power Animals

Merging Practice

Power Animal Dance 

Protection Tools 

Meeting your Drum

Learn Power Animal Retrieval

Travel The Other-Worlds

Learn to Narrate Journeys


Soul Remembering

Working at a Distance

Reasons for Shamanism Today

Overview of Illness from a Shamanic Perspective

The Healing Story


Monthly Calls

Call 1- Protection Pouch, how to build it


Call 2- Empowering your Tools and Shamanic Craft


Call 3- Cloaking and shapeshifting


Call 4- Guardians, receiving power and protection 

-Second Retreat



Introduction to psycho-pomp, working with, guiding, and healing the Spirits of the dead

Ancestor Connections & Healing

Land Healing 

Create a Healing Pouch

The Power of Group Healing

Monthly Calls


Call 1- Bundle Building


Call 2- Meeting you Elemental Guides


Call 3- Transmutation & Transfiguration 


Call 4- Weaving Light in the Dark, walking the Shadow

-Third Retreat- 

Soul Retrieval-Part One

Soul Retrieval - PART TWO 

Elemental Guides

Fire ceremony

Distance Healing  

Sharing your gifts with the circle

Working with your Community

Walking Balanced Between Worlds

Monthly Calls


Call 1- Asking for your spirits to imprint you with a medicine, spiritually mark you so others can find you.


Call 2- Ask for the medium to carry the medicine into the world


Call 3- what is the ritual that will carry you in balancing the two worlds


Call 4- when can I begin to bring this work to fruition. When can I charge for ceremony 


Call 5- Blessings, preparing the ship for the next crossing. Celebration

Course Requirements 

 Participants must commit to attending all Retreats (no makeup weekends, for I want you all to be together in the ceremony throughout) –

Retreat Schedules

There are Case Studies to Complete throughout the Course

A constant feedback and marking is there to teach and support you throughout the year.


Thursday 3:00 pm- 6:00 pm- dinner- 7:00 pm- 11:00 pm


Friday 9:30 am- 12:30 pm -lunch- 1:30 pm- 5:00 pm


Saturday 9:30 am- 12:30 pm  -lunch- 1:30 pm- 5:00 pm


Sunday 9:30 am- 12:30 pm -lunch- 1:30 pm- 4:00 pm


Course fees are payable as follows

$300 - to confirm your attendance in the program

-See the Bottom of the Page to Apply-

The next program starts in Early Summer-

-First Retreat- Early Summer-

Training Cost- Sliding Scale

Able- 375

Fair- 480  

Generous- 575

-Second Retreat-September 5th-8th 2024-

Training Cost- Sliding Scale


Fair- 480


-Third and Final Retreat- TBD-

Training Cost- Sliding Scale

Able- 375

Fair- 480

Generous- 575

PLEASE NOTE: You must find your accommodations if you are coming from out of town, please inquire if you need assistance with this. There are rooms  available at the retreat (contact for retreat details).


Total Training Cost(tax included)- 1725(CAD)


13 Days of intensive shamanic healing training - this works out to $17 per hour of training approx 100 hrs

(Each retreat is 3- Separate Payments, payable before the next retreat)



1 Soul Retrieval Ceremony with Elaine (part of the application process)& many other beautiful healings in the circle

A complete, high-quality education in shamanic healing

- not only participation in ceremonies but also learning the fundamentals of the shamanic method.

Bringing you the ceremony and also teaching you the skills to hold your own

Be connected to the teachings of Elaine Hyde, Daniel Leonard, Sandra Ingerman, and Michael Harner

Experience powerful group ceremonies with like-minded people where you will enjoy gentle growth in a safe, supportive environment.....immerse yourself in learning that will last a lifetime.

Make a connection with the sacred and learn practical skills.  

Experience a return of personal power. 

A life-changing, unforgettable, rich, and transformative experience


Every Month an ONLINE Q& A (total 18 hours)

& Teaching with A Journey


Notes on Marked Case Studies


Group Chat and Support

Stars to Sea and Medicine Circle Community


Access to a Student Resource Page


Once Graduated access to Rituals & Teaching Documents


Possibility for Teacher Training Mentorship Program


Application To Medicine Circle Advanced Program Once Training is Complete

Image by Marek Szturc

I feel more connected to myself, to my inner child and my future elder. I feel comforted and enlivened at the same time, having a stronger awareness and connection to the helping spirits in my life gives me great peace and fulfilment. I found the experience to be very real, very palpable and relieving. For me it was very much in the foreground of my experience, my day to day life seemed brighter as I walked around with more clarity and wholeness. The sessions helped me to love myself, love more of myself, and to know that I am truly connected to life and spirit. I felt more life force become available to me, and the messages i received were very applicable and timely.I would recommend Elaine to people who need a warm place to land, and a reminder that we are taken care of in the spiritual realm. If there is a part of you that knows something is off, or that something is needed but you aren't sure what - I would recommend you see Elaine. Or maybe you feel like part of you is missing, out of commission or just plain exhausted - I would recommend you see Elaine. If you want life to be brighter, clearer and more full of Love - I would recommend you see Elaine!

Jessie, Graduate of the Deer Circle

Elaine Hyde

Passionate teacher and practitioner, Elaine brings gifts from her Celtic ancestors. Having a unique ability to communicate with the spirit realms she brings many teachings and blessings to those she works with. She is currently living on the west coast of Canada, teaching the Cedar Circle. 

Please read more about Elaine's journey below


Support From Deer Circle


 "Shamanism is a path of knowledge, not of faith, and that knowledge cannot come from me or anyone else in this reality. To acquire that knowledge, including the knowledge of the reality of the spirits, it is necessary to step through the shaman's doorway and acquire empirical evidence."  Michael Harner

Please Send Application Letter 

Please, let me know what training you are applying to in your email.

Thank you for applying! I will respond with an email to you in good time. Take good care.

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