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Acorn to Oaks- Intensive Training - Eagle Circle

Led by Elaine Hyde and Teacher Assistants Kathleen Deduke and Jacqueline

Starting Date: Winter, 2024-2026= - 16 Months Time 

Manitoba- Lorette


Welcome to The One Year Shamanic Training Application


Thank you for taking an interest in our course. The goal and standard we hold for ourselves in offering this training is this;


-To support you throughout the twelve months you are in your initiation and teaching with us

-To walk this journey hand in hand as a community traversing all terrains

-being confident in knowing that you have received the skills and awareness to safely apply these practices to your life and to offer them to the community

-knowing that each student has learned to hold yourself  between the two worlds, with enough discernment and abilities to listen to your inner knowing and heart

-have strong enough relationships with your ancestors, guardian animals, and your other guides to teach you in your practice

- safely traveling the otherworlds 

-applying your skills and healing abilities ethically and safely, to the code of conduct

- knowing how to integrate and hold the medicines safe and secret

-walking this world as the medicine


"I know that it can be a magical thing to touch the other world, to have the ancestral gifts coming back. Although I too know it can feel like a curse at times to live in this world and hold such gifts that were meant to be banished and go underground. It may not have been "normal" or safe to be open to such forces. It can be either of those things as well as a bit of both.


Learning how to navigate, communicate, and find balance with the natural world can help you bring understanding, peace, and healing to your life. To find the balance and live between the two worlds and not be lost to one or the other is why I started to teach.


Why I teach these practices now is I believe they are more needed than ever before. That the wild is calling to us and we are calling to it. I teach now because I love nothing more than entering the place of magic, and compassion, and working with my loving guides to remember who we really are."


Elaine- Instructor


Requirements For Completion of The One-Year Intensive Training


Full Attendance of the 3 Four Day Workshops


Attend All 12 Online Teachings and Q&A


Completion of 22 One Page Case Studies

- 5 Power Animal Retrieval Case Studies

- 5  Extraction Retrieval Cases

- 1 Land Healing 

- 5  Soul Retrieval Case Studies

- 3 Soul Remembering Case Studies

and more


Acquire a Drum and Rattle for the Training

- Please start to explore and make an intention to find a drum. It must be your drum and rattle for you will be initiating them into the work and use them for specific ceremonies. You may create, build your tools, look in your local area for drum and rattle makers, or purchase them. 


Before you apply you must know that you may only train under this medicine in the course and under one shamanic training at a time. The reason for this is you do not want to mix your paints and not know what is what. It becomes muddy and difficult to track and understand how this Shamanic Medicine moves through your life.


Once you are signed up you will receive a Welcome Package explaining your next steps for Your Soul Retrieval Ceremony


Once you are signed up you will receive a Welcome Package explaining your next steps for Your Soul Retrieval Ceremony


Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions please send an email to Elaine @


With warmth,

The Wild Callings Team @ Stars to Sea  


During your Soul Retrieval Ceremony we will Complete the Soul Retrieval, Connect you to Your Animal Guardian, Hold Council with your Guides and Mine if this is the Right Time & Training for you



Soul Retrieval is a gentle yet powerful Ceremony. The intention is to bring home the parts are you that have left during difficult times in your life. The parts that are ready to come home to you. With each piece of you that returns comes life force, and with that life force comes particular gifts that you hold and may have lost access to. It is important to highlight that we don't bring back the hurt of this time but the pure essence of you. What Soul Retrieval has helped individuals with.


Bulimia Nervosa




Unhealthy Relationships

Reoccuring Accidents or Injury

Family patterns



A ceremony to call you home, bringing your power back to you. With each soul part, a story is told of the gifts that return. These gifts may be unique personality traits, strengths, life force, energy, and natural talents. This session sets you on a course back home to yourself, to the life you are meant to live. The more you return the more you are aware of who you are and what you want from your precious life. This like all shamanic ceremonies requires support and time for integration. This ceremony is powerful and can take up to a year to fully ground all that is returning home. Remember that these sessions are gentle yet powerful. One must be prepared for their life to change. When you book a session, I journey on your behalf to inquire the guides on what support looks like for your highest outcome. 

One Year Intensive Training -Application-

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